The Purple Arrows

Previously on The Purple Arrows

In the middle of a stage performance by a gnome illusionist, the Beth, JT, Aatos and Scrumpf were singled out from the crowd by illusory purple arrows, which triggered an assault by monstrous creatures. After surviving the attack, they confronted the Gnome who professed his innocence, noting that he was merely paid to mark them specifically. When questioned further, he directed them to the notorious slum districts surrounding the ruined area known as Fallen.

The trail led to a somewhat-fashionable nightclub called Glitterdust, where Aatos and Beth seemingly conspired for all four to jump the queue and enter (when in reality their names were on the door). The owner of the Glitterdust, a halfling named Picket, confessed to accepting the contract to have the PCs marked. having been hired by a strange orc druid to do so. When the four confronted the orc, they were soundly thrashed for their insolence, but discovered the druid was under the influence of some kind of parasitic worm.

Questioning him, he introduced himself as Mink and pleaded with the them to take him to the Eldeen Reaches to meet with Oalian, an elder Warden of the Wood.

Agreeing to escort Mink, who was slowing turning near-catatonic from the parasite, the party checked in with Picket before attempting to book passage to the far away Eldeen. Picket commissioned them to liaise with a contact from the Arcanix in Aundair and collect a shipment of specimens for Morgrave University. Travel by lightning rail was problematic, due to the popularity of the Festival of Blue Light being held in the transport hub of Passage. Despite Beth’s fruitless attempt at gaining tickets through illicit means, Aatos and Scrumpf eventually purchased tickets for all to Passage.

Upon arrival, the festival was in full swing. Choosing to take in the sights, Beth, Aatos and JT were shadowed by a half-elven male, while Scrumpf guarded both the campsite and Mink. When eventually the three realised they were being followed, the mysterious half-elf gave them a boxlike device to unlock, before leaving (and shapechanging into a dwarf as he blended back into the crowd).

Back at the campasite, Scrumpf unlocked the device, which transported the them to some kind of alternate reality. As invisible apparitions, each of them were somehow attached to, but separate from, one of the four remaining troops of the Aundarian 5th Arcane Infantry aka The Purple Arrows. JT shadowed a warforged corporal, Scrumpf a half-elf sergeant, Aatos a human wizard and Beth a halfling sorceror.

As a special unit of the Audarian army, they were preparing for battle on the border of Breland and the now-destroyed kingdom of Cyre, with The Purple Arrows charged with rescuing a Brelish diplomat from a nearby tower. The Purple Arrows caught some dolgrim who were guarding the tower by surprise. The dolgrim promised the wrath of Belashyrra (perhaps an Ashbound druid?) as the Purple Arrows defeated them. After battling Dolgrim, the Purple Arrows entered the tower, where they witnessed part of the draconic prophecy, and discovered the Brelish diplomat. Strangely, the Brelish diplomat also had a shadow which turned out to be Mink, as well as another unidentified shadow.

Outside the tower, Emerald Claw attacked the party, as a menacing black cloud swept toward them from Cyre, killing all before it. Just before the Mourning could annihilate them, the PCs were shunted back to their bodies.


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